The Interior Studio

Decoria, a creative design studio that has an extensive and exquisite collection of exotic interior design elements that will provide a stunning finesse to your spaces.

Come and be inspired by the creatively carved wooden veneers, unique laminate patterns of beautiful artistry and dazzling highlighter decorative panels.

Our marvellous real wood veneers, decorative laminates, wallpaper and wooden flooring. Not only embrace the heritage but also shows the fascinating ingenuity and timeless magnanimity of our culture.


Decoria, one of the top luxury home interior shops in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu has a solution for everything as per your budget and design needs.

Our Mission

Establishing synergy with enigmatic designs thus bringing a unique catalog of visuals.

Augmenting splendid visuals with precision craftsmanship resulting in the finest products.

Make the products affordable by achieving the economy of scale through the leveraging of modern technology and fine engineering.

Our Vision

Exploring the wide-range of ethereal products and make it affordable to the real-time need.